Tai Chi at Kongoji Zen Temple
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Learn Tai Chi at a Zen Temple 2022

Strengthen your body with breathing and slow moving exercises

Venue: Kongoji Zen Temple When: Friday - Sep 23rd 2022

During the Tai Chi Event at Kongoji Zen Temple, the Tai Chi Master teaches several traditional movements and breathing exercises.

The event is part of the Sangha self-care program of Kongoji Zen Temple. Sangha events are divided into [body], [mind] and [head]. Each event is focused on one specific part of one’s self. This Sangha experience is focused on the [Body].

Tai Chi improves muscle coordination, flexibility, and body balance. Harmonize your breath and body and learn the slow movements of Tai Chi while basking in the warm sunset of autumn equinox.

As in other Asian countries, the event will be held outdoors, right in front of the main hall. The event starts 4:45 pm and is held during sunset of autumn equinox. Simply copy the movements of the Tai Chi Master and enjoy the change of colors of the evening sky from light blue to deep purple, red, pink and gold.

Getting there

To reach Odawara from Tokyo, you can take the Odakyu Line, JR Tokaido Line or Shinkansen bullet train. From there, take the Daiyuzan line to its terminal at Daiyuzan Station, or Fujifilm Mae Station. The temple is about ten or fifteen minutes' walk from either station.

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