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Lifestyle Mall: Mark Is

Great food, great shopping, great fun!

At first glance, MARK IS is like any shopping centre, but step through the front door you will realize that this is not just any other run-of-the-mill mall.

Filled with families and young children, MARK IS can only be considered a family and lifestyle mall. Personally, I find what makes it so unique is its interior design, where it has successfully retained a cozy brick and mortar feel despite spanning 10 floors. Modern art pieces can be found on every floor and the brick walls are all completed with hand-painted motifs corresponding to the floor’s theme.

As with all Japanese mall, MARK IS’ layout is impeccable. Every floor has a distinct theme and the interior design is tailored to match. One of the key attractions is of course the Depachika (basement level of department stores selling only food), overflowing with carefully curated food stalls, focusing on organic and local produce. Worthy mentions include Machimura Farm featuring delicious puddings, soft-cream and cheese made with diary from Hokkaido; and the Piemontino where you can find vinegars and pickles made with local ingredients. The Nama Chocolate from SILSMARIA is also uniquely Japanese, carrying flavors such as roast sweet potato and sake You can also find Tokyo Gas’ showroom on the 4th floor where there is a cooking studio running classes and live-cooking demonstrations. Of course Orbi Yokohama is also another main attraction here.

But what makes MAR IS really special is the overwhelming number of lifestyle specialty store. There is a hat shop, a socks shop and even a towel museum. However it does not stop there, if you need hiking gear for your dog, there is a camping specialty store that sells them. Quirky kitchenware and toiletries? They have got you covered. From household products to children’s fashion, there a dedicated store for every lifestyle. However if you are planning on travelling for cheap, this is probably not the mall for you as most of the shops are definitely on the mid to high price range and it is practically impossible to not buy anything if you are there.

Families with young children will also enjoy their large kids playground that can be found on the 3rd floor. All in all, from solo travelers to families, MARK IS is definitely a destination worthy of visiting.

To get there, all you have to is get on the Minatomirai line and right at the exit station is MARK IS.

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