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Negishi Park Cherry Blossom Season

Enjoy hanami at Negishi Forest Park and Track

Cherry Blossom season at Negishi Forest Park and Track is a must-visit if you prefer a more quiet and relaxing space to thoroughly enjoy viewing of the beautiful, delicate flowers, also known as hanami. Formerly Japan's first Western-style horse racing track, the park has also been used as a residential area and golf course after the war in 1943. It’s greatest charm is the large lawn and protected forest of trees, which was opened in 1977. Visitors can enjoy many outdoor activities here such as jogging, Frisbee, playing catch, jumping rope, and kite flying. The park is also dog friendly.

To access Negishi Forest Park, take a 10-minute walk up the hill from Negishi Station (JR Line). By bus, take city bus “Asahidai” from Yokohama, Sakuraigicho, or Negishi Stations. Or, the park also includes two ample parking areas if you prefer to drive. For two hours, I paid 350yen in parking fees. Public restrooms and vending machines are also available.

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Iain Stanley 9 years ago
Such a great time of year isn't it?!
Sonia Schlesinger 9 years ago
This is really nice. While really crowded hanami can be a lot of fun, it is sometimes great to be able to go to a more relaxing one.
Anonymous 9 years ago
Very nice video, great to see so many people and families enjoying the park. Great shots of the trees and flowers, especially when you pan out and capture the cluster of trees which look beautiful!

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