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Sankai-do Souvenir Shop, Kamakura

Japanese swords & ninja weapons

Sankai-do souvenir shop sells Japanese swords and various ninja weapons. It is located just in front of Kamakura Daibutsu (the Great Buddha).

They display a lot of beautiful swords inside the shop. And they specialize in models of some famous-name swords, such as Kazusanosuke Kaneshige that was used by famous master swordsmen, Miyamoto Musashi (1584?-1645) and Todo Heisuke (1844-1867).

Sankai-do has a long history with a nice old atmosphere. They also sell many different kinds of typical Japanese souvenirs, such as Japanese dolls, bandanas, paperweights designed in the shape of the great Buddha, many character goods of Japanese anime, and so on.


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