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Shonan Yosakoi Festival

A great summer dance festival in Hiratsuka

Venue: Mitsukedai Hiroba When: Early Jun 2023

The Shonan Yosakoi Festival is a fairly new festival in Hiratsuka city, Kanagawa. It features dance groups from all over Japan, and is a really great spring festival. With over forty teams competing with their own song-and-dance routines, each one embodies the spirit of Japan and the country's love of energy!

Held in early June, the dances range from traditional to modern, and of course there are all of the great festival foods to munch on while you watch. In the past, the festival has had teams from the Tohoku area and drew attention to the ongoing restoration effort.

Feel free to join in with the dancing and let your feet lead you along with these frenzied crowds. You will soon find yourself lost in the crowd, cheering for the dancers!

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