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Tour of Hasedera Temple, Kamakura

Cute statues, small cave, and nice sea view

Thick greenery appears beside the train when the Yokosuka Line nears Kamakura. Kamakura, where the first samurai government was established in 1185, is about 1 hour from central Tokyo. At Kamakura Station, change to the Enoden Line and get off at Hase Station. Then walk up the gentle slope for a few minutes. At the first intersection, you will see a big red lantern on the left. This is the entrance to Hasedera Temple.

Hasedera is a well known temple with its beautiful sea view and many kinds of flowers by season. The main Buddhist Statue is said to be carved from the same wood as the one at Nara’s Hasedera.

By the way, a walk around the precincts is quite enjoyable. You can see various types of stone statues along the way, a small cave to explore, and a walking path up along the cliff commanding a nice sea view.

There is a teahouse near the observatory. They serve rice dumplings, green tea, and some light meals.

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