Camping on the Shimanto River

Wake up to the sound of serenity

 By Nate Hill   May 11, 2012

豊 - Yutaka - Abundance. That is what you feel waking up on the Shimanto River. So much, in fact, you are overwhelmed and content at the same time, feeling that same small feeling you have when you stare at the stars -except for this time, it is not from imagining being on such a tiny planet, an invisible dot on the spread of infinity - no, the feeling on the Shimanto is from realizing that you are merely just one form of life, surrounded by so much diversity when you start to look closely.

Photography by Nate Hill
Japan Travel Member

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Anne Lauenroth a year ago
The pictures look so peaceful. Do you know if it is possible to camp outside of official camping grounds in Japan, or if that is prohibited by law?
Victoria Vlisides a year ago
Oh and i love how you opened with the kanji! Very nice!
Victoria Vlisides a year ago
The color of the water is just unreal!
Tyra 'nell Pille-Lu 5 years ago
Excellent! I love everything you have here... lemme include this in one of my favorites! Great photo essay you have here, an awakening at the same time!