Sunrise Over the Foggy Ocean

Mystic scenery at little known place on the Tosa coast

 By Masayoshi Hirose   Dec 15, 2014

On 10th December, 2011, I came all the way to the shore of Tosa in Kochi Prefecture to capture the sunrise over the sea fog with my camera.

I often travel to take photos of the ocean, mountains, rivers, sunrise and sunset during late autumn to winter when it's freezing cold and the air is clear.

Although this place is popular with fishermen and photographers, this is not a famous tourist destination, and there is little information about it in regular travel magazines or in guide books. To me, the best way to collect information about good places is to go there, then ask the local people.

Magical Sea of Tosa
1. Sunrise Over the Foggy Ocean
2. Pirate Ship of Tosa?

Photography by Masayoshi Hirose
Japan Travel Member
Translated by Takako Sakamoto

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Preethu 3 months ago
Masayoshi Hirose Photographer 3 months ago
Preethu-san,Thank's dear!
Olga Kaneda 2 years ago
Stunning as usual, Hitose-san! Bravo!
Masayoshi Hirose Photographer 2 years ago
Olga-san,Thank you,Thank you so much! This is my favorite photo too.
Jerome Lee 2 years ago
Still can't believe how unbelievably beautiful these pictures are - makes me want to go all the way to Kochi just to see this. Bravo, Hirose-san!
Masayoshi Hirose Photographer 2 years ago
Jerome-san,Thank you very much! I went to Kochi several times to watch this scenery! I was able to take a rare photo.
Mandy Bartok 2 years ago
The mix of fog and brilliant sunlight makes this look like a mystical scene. Gorgeous!
Masayoshi Hirose Photographer 2 years ago
Mandy-san,Thank you,always.I love Chaoyang and a scene of the sea fog!
Daniel Vesey 2 years ago
Just seeing the photos is mesmerising enough, can't image the experience of seeing it first hand. Very alluring pictures as always!
Masayoshi Hirose Photographer 2 years ago
Daniel-san, Thank you very much! If I can do, I want you to this sight seeing live.