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On JR Tokyo Station 5 years ago
Nice article. Thanks! Did you see the cool 3D projector show they did back in September this year? Here's a link to the video:
On Yururi: Slow Down to the Good Life 6 years ago
khed, I've actually heard about that izakaya from some friends in Tokyo. What you're talking about is called Katsuo no Tataki, and it is really...
On Ehime Children’s Playground is a riot! 6 years ago
This sounds like a really fun place! Definitely need to make a family trip up there sometime. Thanks for sharing.
On Kamakura’s Amalfi Della Serra 6 years ago
I shouldn't have looked at this so close to dinner. Looks great!
On Whitewater Thrills, Shikoku Style 6 years ago
I have yet to go rafting in Kochi. I just may make it a priority this coming spring!