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La Prima Vorta

Local ingredients used to create KochItalian

Perhaps the best way to start telling you about La Prima Volta is with a quote from the owner and head chef:

“Our main ingredients are all local, all Kochi grown or reared, and then with the addition of the very best of Italian herbs, spices and olive oils, we create a flavor which you will not find anywhere else: A unique Kochi-Italian experience.”

I would say that pretty much sums it up.

Located in downtown Kochi's Harimaya-cho, La Priva Volta is easily accessible. The atmoshpere is very inviting with an open style kitchen at the counter if you want to watch your food being prepared. There are also quite a few tables around if you prefer that. Regardless of where you sit, La Prima Volta is, quoting the owner again, "a treat to yourself for when you want something special."

As you can see in the photos, the vegetables were fresh and cooked to perfection. The vegetables were served with a lovely anchovy bagna cauda, and was so satisfying that I couldn't wait for the rest of our order to come out.

We also ordered a peperoncino and Kochi-bred pork pasta. The peperoncino had a perfect balance of roasted garlic and chili, just enough to enjoy a little bit of spice but not so much to distract from the other flavors. Given that I can usually make a better peperoncino than most restaurants I visit, I was very pleased to have something that made my own seem like child's play.

The pork pasta was filled with lots of tender, juciy pork, and combined with the freshly topped herbs to be a savory explosion in the mouth.

I went for dinner, and didn't plan on eating so much so I only ordered individual items. With a couple of drinks, it came out to about 4000 yen. Your better option is to probably go with one of the five set options priced between 3500-10,000 yen, which might work out to be cheaper and give you a wider range of things to try.

There is also a lunch price of 1200 yen which I think is probably the best value in town for the quality.

There you have it. La Prima Volta is creating a truly Kochitalian experience that you should be sure not to miss if you come to town.

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Tyra 'nell Pille-Lu 11 years ago
I read this at the wrong time! At 7pm (exactly dinner time in our place), the photos teased the butterflies in my tummy more, making me growl with hunger more.
Anyway, I love your writing style, it's direct and easy to follow! Great article you have here... I better grab something to eat now. Thanks to your article!

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