Mt. Rakan Crags

Strange peaks in winter

 By Tristan Scholze   Apr 26, 2015

South of Aso’s steaming volcanic vent, on the outer rim of the caldera, a little off the main roads in the scenic Old Kugino Village area, you can find a rare and interesting group of peaks on Mt. Rakan (near Mt. Takagi). These ragged pyroxene andesite formations of spewed volcanic rock emit a spooky-yet-inspiring mood in winter, with their black-and-brown pillars flowing out of the brown grassy landscape due to erosion.

Old Kugino holds some of the last vestiges of natural landscape left in Aso. This quiet area rewards those who venture there with faint birdsong and vast, mountainside views carpeted in grasses and occasional trees.

羅漢山奇岩—Rakanzan no Kigan—Mt. Rakan Crags
旧久木野村Kyuu Kuginomura—Old Kugino Village (now merged into Minamiaso Village)

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Daniel Vesey 2 years ago
Nature is a diverse and wonderful thing :)
Tristan Scholze Videographer 2 years ago
Originally I thought Aso would be most beautiful in summer but it's quite interesting in winter colors, too.