Mt. Takagi in Late Winter

Peaceful, grassy, mountainous terrain

 By Tristan Scholze   Apr 27, 2015

Here are a few scenes you will see on the south side of Aso’s gigantic volcanic caldera in late winter. Brown is the dominant color at this time of year, with occasional patches of evergreens on carpeted hillsides and crinkly deep orange leaves still clinging to branches of scattered deciduous trees. Single-lane roads allow for a drive past the Mt. Rakan crags and up the face of Mt. Takagi, but you can also go for a pleasant stroll here. If you’re hungry afterwards, there’s an excellent French restaurant at the mountain’s forested base.

高城山—Takagiyama—Mt. Takagi

Photography by Tristan Scholze
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Yui Yamaguchi 2 years ago
I feel cold as if I was there. Countryside in winter time in Kyushu looks so lonely and depressing - grey sky and brown grass and trees.
Tristan Scholze Photographer 2 years ago
Right, the winter colors lack the vibrance of summer. I think back on what a rare landscape this is though and how it changes with the seasons--it's really a special place!
Relinda Puspita 2 years ago
Looks easy to hike.
Tristan Scholze Photographer 2 years ago
Yes, the road (along the left of the cover photo) goes up to the top of Mt. Takagi.