Sakura-no-En Tea Farm

An organic tea farm in Minamata City, Kumamoto

By Emily Faulder    - 1 min read

In 2013 I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to travel to Japan on a tea research tour, and become fully immersed in Japanese tea culture. We visited an eight-acre tea farm 'Sakura no En' in Minamata City, in Kumamoto prefecture, run by Matsumoto-san and his wife. All the tea is farmed organically with no pesticides, herbicides, fertilizer or manure, and their trees are around ninety years old. We were welcomed like old friends, and drank cups and cups of their delicious teas whilst sitting under the kotatsu, eating home-made cake and green tea curry. Matsumoto-san showed us round his factory, drove us high up into the mountains to view all of his tea fields, took us to a local bakery where his tea is served, then drove us back to the station, stopping on the way to buy us traditional hot cakes to eat.

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Emily Faulder

Emily Faulder @emily.faulder

Hi!  I'm Emily.  I've loved Japan ever since I was little; my aunt and uncle used to live in Yokohama and often sent me Japanese gifts, and I think this is how my love for Japan started.   I'm currently studying for a degree in Photography in London, and my dream is to be able to live and travel around Japan documenting my adventures photographically.  In 2013 I was given the amazing opportunity to travel around Southern Japan from Tokyo to Kagoshima (and many other cities in between) with a tea company, documenting their tea research tour photographically.  I've been writing a blog about Japan called 'Emily Loves Japan' for several years, and and also edit a new online magazine called 'Love Japan' I've been to a few places off the beaten tourist track, so my plan is to share these with you on Japan Travel, as well as some of the more popular areas such as Tokyo and Kyoto which I have visited several times.