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A Walk in Kyoto Imperial Palace - 3


The original Seiryoden  was built as the Emperor's residence at the end of the 8th Century and was used until the 11th century. It is in the palace style of the Heian period with hip-and-gable roof. The Seiryoden was rebuilt to use mainly for ceremonies on a smaller scale than the original building, but it preserves the features of the original structure remarkably well. When receiving visitors, the Emperor used to sit on the two thick tatami mats in the center of the room, which was called 'Hinomaoshi'. Behind them there is a throne 'Michodai'  covered by a canopy. This is where he would sometimes sit to relax. To the right side of the room there is a bedroom for the Emperor. The spot in the south of the throne with the plaster is 'Ishibai no dan', from where the Emperor used to view  Ise Jingu shrine far, far away

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