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Heian Jingu, Shin-en Garden in June

Outdoor Roofed Passageways -5 Taihei-kaku Bridge

Taihei-kaku is a beautiful wooden bridge crossing over the pond at Shin-en Garden in Heian Jingu Shrine. This bridge is not just a bridge, but a very sophisticated wooden structure featuring a small tower in the middle. The roofed passageway has long benches for sitting while you are walking over the bridge. The garden was designed and created by Ueji VII in 1895. He used water from Biwako Canal built in the Meiji Period (1890), stones from the legs of old bridges built in the Tensho Period (1573-1592), and the entire Taihei-kaku Bridge which was granted to the shrine as an Imperial gift. The best time to visit here is during cherry blossoms season in early April, and in June to enjoy the iris and water lilies.