Kyocera Museum of Art Special Exhibition

Kyoto’s four seasons in 60 watercolor paintings will be on display

May 19
Jul 1
Venue: Kyocera Museum of Art When: May 19th - Jul 1st 2018 ,  10:00am - 5:00pm

From 19 May to 1 July 2018, a special exhibition of paintings at the Kyocera Museum of Art will be open for public viewing.

Titled “Promenade Through Kyoto in Watercolors ― Kyoto’s Four Seasons in Watercolor Painting,” the exhibit is located on the first floor of the Kyocera main office in Fushimi, Kyoto. It will feature approximately 60 watercolor paintings by Takiko Kuroiwa representing Kyoto’s famous sights, festivals, and seasonal sceneries, giving viewers an opportunity to discover the beauty of Kyoto.

Kuroiwa works extensively around the Kansai region. Her works have appeared in diverse settings, including the cover of Keihan Railways’ K PRESS travel magazine, illustrating tourist and visitor recommendations; label illustrations for beer and wine bottles; and designs for calendars and diaries. Her new paintings representing Fushimi, where Kyocera’s main office is located, were commissioned specifically for this exhibition.

By viewing Kyoto’s various seasons in watercolor, including cherry blossoms along Gion Shirakawa street, downtown scenes of Fushimi, the Gion Festival and autumn leaves at Ichijoji Station (Eizan Electric Railway), visitors will experience Kyoto’s spectacular imagery from a unique artistic viewpoint.

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