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Kyoto Gion: Western Cuisine MIKAKU

Western dishes cooked by Japanese Beef experts in Kyoto

The other day I visited Kyoto and for the first time in my life strolled around the streets there. When I was walking down the street along Shirakawa River, a nice, stylish riverside restaurant lit-up by warm light caught my eye, and all of a sudden I wanted to go there; how nice it would be to drink a cocktail, watching people strolling along Shirakawa River through the window! Like a moth drawn to a bright light, I walked around the corner and jumped into the place! It was a restaurant called "MIKAKU 2nd", which serves western dishes. The dinner was nice, and after I finished the meal I asked the chef, who turned out to be the owner of the restaurant, for permission to take photos. He kindly showed me around and said, "There's another restaurant I run, on the 2nd floor." Well, it looks like I have more things to explore here.

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