Ohitaki Fire Festival Kifune Shrine

A dramatic and cleansing ritual in Kyoto

Venue: Kifune Shrine When: Early Nov 2022

The annual Ohitaki Fire Festival uses its spiritual powers to banish bad sprits and cleanse impurities of the people attending. It is held annually on the 7th of November.

I was lucky enough to witness the Ohitaki Fire Festival at the Kifune Shrine north of Kyoto. I had never experienced anything like this fire festival prior to the event. I will remember the adrenaline, people and energy of the festival for a long time to come.

Getting there

To visit this shrine you can take the bus from Kyoto station and get off at Kibune bus stop. Alternatively you can take the scenic Eizan Dentetsu train from Demachiyanagi Station and either take a bus or walk the 2km to the Kifune Shrine.

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Find out more about Kifune Shrine.

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Kim 3 years ago
What a special event to witness!
Jemma King Author 5 years ago