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Cat Town Grill and Cafe

A hidden gem of a cafe in Kyoto

Near Kyoto's School of Design is a seemingly ordinary cafe called Nekomachi, or Cat Town, Grill and Cafe. After climbing the wooden stairs, you'll find yourself in a cafe where you can feel the warm of the warm, wooden surroundings.

While all the food at this cafe is delicious, the grilled tuna, from the cheek of the fish, is their specialty. And though their wines are a little bit expensive, their tea and pasta are delicious, and guests can relax comfortably due to the wonderful atmosphere.

Aside from the regular menu, at night you can also order from the "blackboard menu." And after your meal, how about a little desert? After my meal I took home a freshly baked tart with a perfect balance of sweetness.

Nekomachi is also open for lunch if you're looking for a lighter meal. If you choose to go at lunchtime though, make sure to go all the way in and call for a waiter, as the number of customers at this hour is low.

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