Sakura Viewing along Kamo River

Enjoying gorgeous blossoms in one of Kyoto's best spots

By Jaime Wong   Jun 23, 2016 - 1 min read

Kamo River is a very popular and lovely spot in the heart of Kyoto City, where locals of all ages enjoy strolling up and down the riverside. In the peak of the sakura season. The sakura trees bloom beautifully all along the banks of Kamo River from the last week of March till early April.

The river is so wide and open, and is perhaps a less popular spot among international tourists, so you can enjoy the beauty of the sakura without worrying about too many crowds. As well as walking, people often enjoy running and cycling alongside the river as well. My personal experience included cycling, with my camera in the bicycle's basket, enabling me to travel more efficiently to see and capture more of the beautiful blossoms.

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