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The Rock Garden of Ryoan-ji Temple

Lose yourself in this dry landscape of rocks and sand

When Queen Elizabeth II visited Japan in 1975, she marveled at the beauty of this Hojo Garden, which is commonly known just as 'Rock Garden'. It is indeed a simple garden, in which white sand is spread, and on it fifteen rocks are arranged into five islands and are casually scattered about, in a small space of twenty-two by ten meters. I visited this temple in June, this year.

In eastern countries, the number '15' signifies 'Full Moon Night', which indicates perfection. In this garden, only fourteen rocks can be seen out of fifteen rocks, which insinuates imperfection. There is a thinking in Japan that 'things begin to decay as soon as they are completed.', and it is said that the garden was deliberately left uncompleted. However, there is one place, from the center of a certain room, where all fifteen rocks can be visible. Come check it out with your own eyes! Ryoan-ji Temple Series 1. Ryoanji: Temple of Dragon at Peace 2. The Rock Garden of Ryoan-ji Temple

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