Kakuda Space Center

Welcome to Miyagi's Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

 By Justin Velgus   Jan 31, 2014

Kakuda Space Center is located in Miyagi Prefecture. It is an actual JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) facility which researches how to take humans and technology into the depths of space. Also on weekdays it displays public exhibitions of rockets and engine parts. The best time to go is during their biannual open houses during Science Week in April and around Space Day on September 12. During this time additional research facilities are opened, tours are given, and you can participate in activities such as sampling space food or building a water rocket. Enjoy the pictures from a previous open house.

More information can be found on their English website: http://www.jaxa.jp/visit/kakuda/index_e.html

Photography by Justin Velgus
Japan Travel Member

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Justin Velgus Photographer 3 years ago
This is happening again on April 20th! Check it out =)
Bonson Lam 3 years ago
I loved this article Justin. Brought back many memories. Actually the photo of the water rocket reminded me of a festival I read about Chinese New Year involving crazy firecrackers, so this is the next best thing. Also the thought of eating "space food" is very interesting. I remember at elementary school the kiosk used to sell "space food", which was a brand of "healthy" chocolate!