Sendai Ramen Festa

Enjoy Ramen from the whole of Japan

By Amanda Ho   Nov 11, 2016 - 1 min read

Ramen is a popular Japanese dish, and a bowl of ramen in the cold weather makes it much more wanted.

After a very successful event last year, the Sendai Ramen Festa returns again from 18th to 23rd November. Featuring the top ramen from ten different prefectures, you can try them all at this event. Some stalls are new, whereas others have participated before in the past.

Just a five minute walk from JR or subway Nagamachi station, it is a very exciting event for ramen fans. The event area itself is free to enter, and tickets for the ramen are available for purchase at 750 yen each. For more toppings, purchase them at the stall directly.

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