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Shishi Odori at Kurihara City

A day when culture came alive

Venue: Sannoshiseki Park When: Mid Jun 2024

With the backdrop of Kurihara City's Sanno Historic Park with its famous iris garden, wit living history through the Michinoku Shishi Odori (Deer Dance). Besides being a popular folk performing art in the Tohoku region, it is also a group dance competition.

A Shishi Odori group comprises of 8 dancers and a leader, all of whom hold drums at the waist. Each costume weighs a hefty 15-20 kg. The deer masks called "shishi-gashira" are said to represent a mythical creature which is the messenger of the gods. The performers also have 2 long "Sasara" sticks on their backs, and a cloth draped around their bodies.


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Radica Sooknarine Author 9 years ago
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Dale M 9 years ago
Amazing pictures of an interesting culture, thanks for sharing Radica.
maraj 9 years ago
Well structured, impressive, beautiful looking photos accompanied by its informative explanation. You are on the way.
Radica Sooknarine Author 9 years ago
@Hatake, thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Radica Sooknarine Author 9 years ago
@ Mei-Fei, thank you :)