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Freezing Dawn at Norikura Highlands

Mount Norikura before snowfall

Two years ago, on October 23, I visited Norikura Highlands in Nagano prefecture to enjoy the early autumn leaves deep in the mountains.

To preserve nature, as in the case at Kamikochi Highlands, from 'Three Waterfall Gate' to 'Yu-touge Gate', as well as on the 'Norikura Echo Line' and on the 'Norikura Skyline', general vehicles are not allowed to enter. Instead, public buses are available, so I took one of them. As planned, I arrived at the 'Three Waterfall Gate' and looked at the mountaintop. Unfortunately, the autumn leaves around the mountaintop had passed their peak and were almost finished. Autumn in the mountains had come to an end sooner than I expected. So, I decided to save the main tour around the 'Echo Line' for next time and explored the area of Ichinose Camp Site instead.

Autumn Colors of Norikura Highlands 1. Freezing Dawn at Norikura Highlands 2. Mount Norikura in Golden Hue 3. Translucent Norikura Highlands

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