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Hotel Bleston Court, Karuizawa

The hotel café & neighborhood in autumn

The Hoshino Resorts area in Karuizawa is a gorgeous highland resort that includes hot springs, hotels, churches and restaurants. Hotel Bleston Court is in the center of the complex. Couples who get married have a wedding party and stay there with family and friends. They enjoy a luxurious time together. Many people also spend time in Karuizawa in autumn and even winter, as well as from spring to summer. That is because beautiful autumn leaves, hot springs at the foot of Mt. Asama, and a mystical snowscape can all be enjoyed.

When I was at the lounge café of the hotel, lots of guests were waiting for their wedding party. The sofa at the open terrace was quite comfortable. I relaxed and sipped a nice hot coffee, viewing colorful autumn leaves and listening to them rustling in the breeze.

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