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Powerful Trees of Japan

Trees thriving in different prefectures of Japan

I live in a place with a very severe climate. Winter lasts half a year and trees don’t grow big. Whenever I visit Japan, I can always spot its powerful trees. Trees with thick boles are very old and they are the objects of worship in Shinto religion. Such trees are marked with “Shimenawa” or "Enclosing rope" - lengths of laid rice straw rope and festooned “shide” (special zigzag made of paper). Shimenawa means purification and the space of Kami (God in Shinto religion). When I visit Jinja and see those trees, I always feel a thrill. But, resting among trees brings peace to my soul. Some trees have incredibly intricated visible roots. Of course, I was fascinated with sakura trees, many of which were quite old. Their rough trunks contrasted to tender blossoms. My favorite tree though is Fuji (Wisteria) in bloom – its magic makes me feel like I’m on another planet! 

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