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Nagasaki's Kannon & Seishu-do Halls

Flickering candlelight at Nagasaki Lantern Festival

On 22nd February 2015, as a finale of my visit to Nagasaki Lantern Festival, I made a pilgrimage to four halls inside the Former Chinese Settlement with candles in my hands, enjoying the exotic atmosphere.

In my previous story in this series I visited the first hall of four, Dojin-do Hall. In this story I would like to introduce the other three temples, Tenko-do and Kannon-do Halls, and a second Tenko-do Hall, Seishu-do, in Fukken House. I made the pilgrimage because they say if you visit all four halls and light a candle at each, your wish will be fulfilled! However, I didn't wish for anything. I was thanking the gods for giving me the opportunity to visit this festival.