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Making a Pilgrimage to Dojin Hall

Lighting candles in the Former Chinese Settlement

On the second day of Nagasaki Lantern Festival (February 22, 2015), I headed for the Former Chinese Settlement Site to make a candlelight pilgrimage to four temples.

The Former Chinese Settlement Site is close to the main venue of the festival, Shinchi Chinatown. Dojin-do Hall (hall of the god of earth) still has the feel of Chinese houses from yesteryear. It is located just inside the gate of the Former Chinese Settlement. It is said that your wish will be fulfilled if you make a pilgrimage to all the four halls, Dojin-do, Tenko-do, Kannon-do and a hall inside Fukken House, and light a candle at each temple. The sight of pilgrims praying and lighting candles was both mysterious and spiritual!