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Exploring Nagasaki's Shinchi Chinatown

Delicious aromatic steam wafting through the streets

Nagasaki Lantern Festival was held on 21st February 2015. If you go to Minato-koen Park, the main venue of the festival, you will see innumerable lanterns hanging over Shinchi Chinatown. From the entrance of each restaurant, delicious and alluring aromas were wafting into the streets. I pushed into the crowds and tried to locate the source of the aroma, but was swept along by the river of people. Finally, I bought a Chinese dumpling that materialized from a cloud of hot steam. It warmed my body as I walked along looking up at the endless rows of bright lanterns.

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Nagasaki Lantern Festival

Nagasaki Lantern Festival

Early - Late Feb

Nagasaki rings in the Chinese New Year with a two week cultural celebration.

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