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Nakano-chaya Teahouse in Nagasaki

One of two best historical pleasure houses in Maruyama

On 22nd of February 2015, after visiting the Scapegoat Tenjin Shrine I hiked up the slope and headed for the next destination, Nakano-chaya Teahouse!

It took me only a minute to reach the teahouse from Tenjin Shrine. When I passed through the gate, there were winding stone steps and a tall old pine tree looking down upon me. Next to the pine tree a dignified stone lantern stood. Nakano-chaya Teahouse was so famous there was even a folk song that said 'if you ever want to have fun, go to Kagetsu or Nakano-chaya. Knock on the back gate of Umezono (plum grove)...'. I could imagine how gorgeous and elegant it used to be when I saw the neat garden and buildings here. One regret was I couldn't explore enough where prostitutes strolled along the original Dutch Slope in Maruyama.

Exploring the Vicinity of Maruyama in Nagasaki 1. Scapegoat Tenjin Shrine in Nagasaki 2. Nakano-chaya Teahouse in Nagasaki

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