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Lovely Kagetsu Sansui Garden

One of the three largest gardens in Nagasaki

The last story of my 'Historical Japanese Restaurant Kagetsu' series features Kagetsu Sansui Garden, which is one of the three largest gardens in Nagasaki.

The restaurant Kagetsu was built utilizing the round hilly shape of land, which probably is the reason why this area is called 'Maruyama' (round mountain). From every room of this restaurant the 2,640㎡ spacious garden can be viewed. This garden was said to be created during the Genroku Period (1688 - 1704) and its lush greenery pleases the eyes of the guests who visit the restaurant.

Sadly, only the main building of the restaurant Kagetsu-ro exists now. It is designated as a prefectural historical site, and the rest of the buildings including a prostitute house and annex have been lost to fire or other circumstances. I wonder how brilliant it was a long time ago when every building was still standing here.

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