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Room of Sonogi, Siebold's Lover

Enjoy gorgeous Shippoku cuisine in a historic setting

On 27th December in 2014, I visited the historical Japanese restaurant Kagetsu-ro in Nagasaki prefecture.

Philipp Franz von Siebold, the evangelist of Western medicine, was a German physician who taught medicine in Nagasaki. The romance between him and his mistress Sonogi (her real name was Taki Kusumoto) once flourished in the room where our lunch was served, and it is named after her.

I had expected that Shippoku Cuisine would be served all at once on a round table but in fact each dish was served one by one like a multi-course meal. I was so fascinated with the cuisine, I lost myself in eating, and forgot about taking photos! If you ever come to Nagasaki I strongly recommend this restaurant (reservation needed).

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