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Ojika Island: A Summer Paradise

A new summer paradise uncovered!

Okinawa might be a scene-stealer when it comes to summer time travel, but here on Ojika Island we are firm believers that this Island's summers are the best.

This can be seen when visiting this island's breathtaking beaches with their turquoise waters which, are missing only one thing; crowds of people. You can also enjoy trying some locally grown melons and watermelons. These are sold on every corner throughout this island and it wouldn't an exaggeration to say they taste heavenly. Make sure you grab yourself one (or two), before you head to the beach for a game of "suikawari"!

Getting around Ojika Island is also great fun too. Forget crowded trains and buses and instead hop onto an electric bicycle. These can be rented out at the local ferry terminal. When cycling to the local beach you can really enjoy this island's beautiful scenery and also greet some locals, which can include the occasional cow here and there. While cycling you can also enjoy feeling the sunshine and summer breeze on your face. It takes only about 20 minutes by bicycle to get to Kakinohama beach from Ojika Island's Ferry Terminal where your trip to the beach will be just as much fun as the beach itself.

When at the beach you can enjoy snorkeling, SUP, sea kayaking, bana-boat riding and many more water activities. If you need to recharge your energy after all the swimming then you could try "Flourjams"; a kitchen car that serves hot sandwiches and curry along with using peanut paste that made from locally grown peanuts. This kitchen also serves various refreshments right at the beach, (weekends only). On your way back from the beach it might also be a good idea to drop by the 'Tan Tan Cafe' to cool down with a generous serving of Kakigori: a flavored shaved ice dessert.

As the evening sky gets darker you will notice the sea coast lights up with colorful fireworks. This is another activity that is enjoyed by locals as well as travelers. You can buy many of these fireworks from some local supermarkets and the Yokoyama Stationary shop.

Sounds amazing, right? That is some of the magic which you can find in Ojika Island

Getting there

You can reach Ojika Island via night ferry from Hakata in Fukuoka. You can also take the day ferry from Sasebo in Nagasaki. Conveniently, there are also speed boats travelling from Sasebo reaching Ojika in only 90 minutes.

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