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Kamigoto 6: Hotel Margherita

Resort hotel on a hilltop in Kamigoto, Nagasaki

I traveled to Kami-Goto Island 2 years ago. There is only a few hotels on the island, and the only hotel I found that I wanted to stay at was the Hotel Margherita. This hotel used to be owned and run by the local government, and was bought by a private company, which renovated the place and reopened it in March 2012. The Goto Islands are renowned for their many numbers of churches, and the hotel has 29 rooms, which is the same number of churches on this island.

The island is accessible by speed boat which leaves the port of Nagasaki and arrives at the port of Taino-Ura (100 min.) From the port, it takes around 30 min. by the free limousine bus the hotel operates. The hotel was built to look like a cloister to match the island's many churches. This is a place where you can enjoy the serenity of an island full of natural beauty.

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