The Charm of Nagasaki

Walk across the wet cobble stones of Nagasaki

By Masayoshi Hirose    - 2 min read

On February 22 in 2015, my trip to the Nagasaki Lantern Festival came to an end. The next day I would be heading back to Osaka by plane.

For years I had been wanting to go to Nagasaki's Lantern Festival and I finally got my wish. Since I came to Nagasaki on business, I could not cover all the events held at the festival, but I was able to see all the places that I had planned to visit. The smell of the night's rain was wonderful. Although I was there only for a short amount of time, I enjoyed my stay as much as I could, that's how I consoled my list of things to do and places to see was never ending! Not getting enough Nagasaki, I plan to go back there again. Now, where shall I head off to next...

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