Samurai Night

Highlighting the battle of Sekigahara

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Waterloo. Gettysburg. Sekigahara (関ケ原). Discover one of the world’s top three battlefields and the greatest samurai battle in history. Samurai Night was an event hosted by the mayor of Sekigahara, Yasuyo Nishiwaki, to shine some light onto what is known as the greatest battle in samurai history. During the event there were captivating stories and tales of the characters behind the most decisive battle in samurai history. The repercussions of this event on modern Japan can not be understated as the battle of Sekigahara divided the entire country of Japan into East vs. West. The tale of Sekigahara was told by none other than the author of The Battle of Sekigahara, Chris Glenn.  

The Battle of Sekigahara (Gifu Pref.), fought between East and West Japan on October 21, 1600, was history’s bloodiest and most decisive samurai field battle. It was also a major turning point in Japanese history and led to 260 years of Tokugawa rule. Although scholars debate the number of deaths, some 30,000 samurai were said to have been killed in the seven-hour battle.

The story is a spider’s web of political intrigue, interwoven with tales of long-standing animosities and loyalties. For more about Sekigahara, read the full article here

During the event, guests were treated to sword fighting performances from the fight choreographer of Kill Bill and the sword artists of Kamui. Several Samurai replicas were on display around the event as well as the colorful flags and banners that represented the warring groups of the battlefield.

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