Samurai & Ninja Show in Asakusa

Watch samurai battles, and show off your ninja moves

By Vicky Amin    - 2 min read

A group of Samurais and Ninjas are waiting for you in Kaminari Gorogoro Kaikan Asakusa on Friday, November 20th!

Discover more about Japan's famed history and culture in this one-day live event - The Samurai & Ninja Show in Asakusa. These timeless Japanese warriors will bring you back in time to the era of Warring States with a series of one hour interactive shows, featuring live action samurai battle scenes, taiko drumming, ninja demonstrations, and geisha performances.

That’s not all. Visitors can also dress up as a samurai in full armor for a photo shoot, or sharpen their ninja star and dart shooting skills during the Hands-On Time. Some visitors can even feel the tension of historic battles because a number of lucky spectators will be invited to join the performances on stage!

Admission Fee:

  • Show : 1,000 yen (tax included)

  • Show + Hands-On Time : 2,000 yen (tax included)

  • Tickets can be purchased at the door, or in advance via Peatix, for a 100 yen discount for Show + Hands-On Time

More Information - Samurai Style Facebook page

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Justin Velgus 4 years ago
It would be cool if this was a regular event!
Justin Velgus 4 years ago
It would be cool if this was a regular event!
Vicky Amin Author 4 years ago
I know right? Although you can always be a ninja in Togakushi, but still, this one is something!