Tokyo Banana & McDonalds to Collaborate

A limited-time waffle cone in stores from late April

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When it comes to edible souvenirs from Japan, Tokyo Bananas are up there with the most popular. Created in 1991, the brand's signature product is a light and fluffy banana-shaped sponge cake filled with a delicious banana custard cream, and their annual sales exceeded four billion yen as of 2016. They have been designated as the official souvenir sweet of Tokyo Prefecture and you can find them at major train stations and airports, but from late April there will be a new way to enjoy the taste of a Tokyo Banana – and that's in waffle cone format at McDonalds stores across the country.

The product comes topped with a banana custard cream and slivered almonds
The product comes topped with a banana custard cream and slivered almonds (Photo: Grapestone Co., Ltd.)

The limited-time Tokyo Banana x McDonalds waffle cone will be priced at ¥ 250 including tax, and the product comes filled with vanilla soft serve ice cream and topped with a banana custard sauce plus slivered almonds. The packaging of the cone also looks just like the packaging for a box of the much-loved cakes. The intent behind the collaboration was to give customers a taste of this popular travel souvenir at a time where travel is still difficult for many.

The Tokyo Banana waffle cone officially hits stores from April 27th during regular opening hours (i.e. not during the breakfast menu timeframe), and will be available for purchase up until late May or until supplies run out. If you're a Tokyo Banana fan, be sure to head into your local McDonalds store while you can to give one a try!

For more details about Tokyo Banana including the different product varieties available, please visit their official website here or follow the company on Instagram – their handle is @tokyobanana_jp.

Getting there

To find the nearest McDonalds outlet to you, please visit the store locator section of their website – there are almost 3000 stores nationwide.

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Nice, I can get some at my local shop without having to visit Tokyo--which would still be worth it for a taste I'm sure!
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They're so good 🤤🤤🤤