Giant Kite Battle of Mitsuke Imamachi & Nagaoka Nakanoshima

A traditional event with over 360 years of history

Venue: Adjacent to Roadside Station Patio Niigata When: Early Jun 2024

There are a number of tako-age (kite flying) festivals in Japan, where participants fly intricately designed kites and engage in aerial battles attempting to cut the strings of their opponents' creations. These events showcase skill, strategy, and the vibrant artistry of kite craftsmanship, along with being plenty of fun to watch.

Photo: Niigata Tourism Association

One such event is the Giant Kite Battle of Mitsuke Imamachi and Nagaoka Nakanoshima, which has an impressive history of over 360 years. Around 100 kites fight it out on both banks of the Kariyata River, with a tug-of-war style competition taking place once the kite strings are intertwined.

Along with the kite battles to check out, there will be sales of local produce at the Roadside Station Patio Niigata located adjacent to the event venue.

Getting there

The kite battle venue can be accessed from JR Mitsuke Station, which is served by the Shinetsu Main Line. Take the Mitsuke City Community Bus and get off at Roadside Station Patio Niigata.

For those who opt to drive, the event venue is around 5 minutes from the Hokuriku Expressway's Nakanoshima/Mitsuke IC.


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