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Niigata Craft Beer no Jin

The best beer festival in Japan?

I hadn't drank a good micro-brew beer since I arrived in Japan in 2009, so when a friend of mine invited me to the Niigata Craft Beer no Jin I couldn't resist the chance to go.

Two whole shopping arcades of downtown Niigata's Furumachi shopping district (Furumachi 5 and 6) are closed off to traffic for a and filled with tents and stands that will, for a whole weekend serve up great beer. I found so many different styles of beer made by people of several different nationalities and all of them were pleasant to enjoy slowly. I hadn't enjoyed beer like that in a long time. The cost of admission included 12 tickets (and more could be purchased), but this not-so-heavy-weight was pushing his limits after the 10th beer. With so many good beers to be had my only regret is not having been able to try more. Depending on how the days fall, the Niigata Craft Beer no Jin happens the last weekend in June or the first weekend in July. Advance tickets, which include a cool souvenir cup and 12 drink/food tickets, are ¥3,000 each and can be purchased at any convenience store. Tickets purchased the day of are ¥3500. Additional tickets can be purchased for ¥200 each. So come get your drink on in Niigata.

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