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La Mer Bakery and Cafe

A French style seaside cafe in northern Okinawa City

La Mer Bakery and Cafe is a very pleasant surprise to anyone that happens to take a wrong turn down the "middle" Route 224 in Okinawa City. Aside from it's unusually out of the way location, the French style seaside cafe (la mer means the sea or at the seaside) is a wonderful place to grab a wide range of Parisian inspired treats to take home or to enjoy in its spacious dining area. Everything at La Mer is baked and prepared on a daily basis. Prices range from about 100 yen to 400 yen for most small packaged items or singe servings 1,400 yen or more for whole cakes and pies. The shop has a seating area that Jimmy's Bakery Uruma City lacks, which is much quieter than the Mini Mini Zoo and Fresh Egg Shop's seating area, and has a wider selection than Pont Cookie, all of which are nearby La Mer. Find La Mer by driving on Route 16 to the western most intersection with Route 224, go east on 16 until reaching Jimmy's Bakery, then go north about 300 meters where La Mer will be on the right. La Mer is open 11:30 ~ 19:00 Monday through Thursday and closes later at 23:00 on weekends.

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