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Pont Cookie

Parisian inspired sweets baked fresh daily

There are a half dozen small bakeries and pastry shops concentrated along or near Route 16 as it transitions from Okinawa City into Uruma City.  Each one seems to have its own niche and a steady stream of loyal customers. Pont Cookie is a very small Parisian style cookie, scone, muffin and sometimes cake shop that also serves freshly ground and roasted coffee; and competes fiercely in the crowded bakery market in central Okinawa.

Pont bakes its items daily in small batches and packages them in very reasonably priced single or double serving packages. Every visit can be a surprise as a large amount of its offerings are limited to just one week, one day or one batch; like any shopping on the relatively small island of Okinawa, if you see it once and like it then you'll need to buy it then or it will be gone - this is true for items at Pont Cookie.  The store is smallish as the area for customers is only about 2 meters deep and 5 meters wide, but the store is never too crowded as making selections and getting a freshly brewed coffee only requires a few minutes. The cookies are reasonably priced at about 80 yen to 200 yen each which for a freshly baked gourmet product is very kind on any budget.

The shop is not well-known outside of the local area which really makes its products a great gift that will have your friends and loved ones guessing about where the divine treats came from.  Pont Cookie is located on the southern side of Route 16 in Okinawa City between Routes 329 and 224; if driving park along the street in front of the shop with your blinkers on. Pont Cookie is open Tuesday ~ Saturday from 12:00 ~ 18:00.

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