Bakery House Kuruton

Fresh baked bread and pastries in old Misato Village

By Michael Flemming    - 2 min read

Bakery House Kuruton is my favorite of the six bakery and pie shops located in close proximity of each other near the intersections of Routes 16 and 224 in Okinawa City. The bakery sells a wide variety of breads, croissants, donuts and other pastries and only makes as much as it can sell each day. The most attractive aspect of Kuruton's offerings in addition to being freshly made is that the prices are very reasonable.

The best time to visit Kuruton is no later than about 14:00. It stops making pastries in the mid afternoon after which the items available on the shelf start to dwindle as customers snap up their favorite items. The shop is still a great place to visit in the late afternoon when it offers everything - that happens to still be available - at half price. From time to time Kuruton occasionally extends its half price special full time for a couple of weeks to attract new clientele.

I stop by often before going to Church, pot luck dinners, or when headed to any special occasion to grab a few trays of very freshly made bread and pastries. Kuruton is located less than 50 meters south of the intersections of Routes 16 and 224 in Okinawa City and is open Monday through Saturday 12:00–18:30, sometimes it opens earlier.

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