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Namco Land

Video Game Amusement Center Japanese Style

Video game amusement centers in Japan aren't too far departed from arcades found in America, but they are full of delightful surprises that are uniquely Japanese.

I recently revisited the Namco Land in the Ryukyu Aeon Gushikawa Shopping Center in Uruma City with a pocket bull of unused tokens from a previous visit. Namco Land amusement centers are packed with several hundred games and activities, everything from video games, skill cranes, slot machines, rides, ball pits, photo booths, and those—what do you call them— games-where-you-put-in-tokens-and-try-to -get-tokens-to-fall-out games.

The tokens are only used for the games in which getting more tokens out is the object for which snacks and prizes can be gotten from the awards counter, or perhaps everyone just plays until their tokens are depleted, I am really not sure after all this time. The rest of the machines in Namco Land operate on 100 yen coins, which are comparable to one American dollar. If you plan to spend any time at an amusement center like Namco Land I recommend watching a few good skill crane players before trying it yourself, and definitely try the photo booths.

The booths are themed in fashion, power ranger or anime designs. For a few hundred yen you - or you and as many family and friends that the large booths will accommodate - can select from several design templates, poses,and photo sizes, then customize the photographs with several stylus pens by writing on the touch screens. Namco Land is open during mall hours from 10:00 ~ 22:00 daily.

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