Osaka Bay - Santa Maria Cruise Ship

Sail the bay and conquer the waters of Osaka

By Vicky Amin    - 1 min read

Being the water capital of Japan gives Osaka’s nautical side a strong appeal to the sea —including to the famed Santa Maria ship which frequently visits Osaka Harbor. While this one is a replica, it is open for public to board on a sightseeing cruise around Osaka Bay.

Just a walking distance from Tempozan Harbor Village and Kaiyukan Aquarium, a gallant yet elegant ship modeled after Christopher Columbus’ largest vessel pulls over by the pier, once an hour. Her name is Santa Maria, and she will take the awed-and-impetuous visitors in a 45-minute cruise, sailing through Osaka Bay. With open space and access to every corner of the ship, this Spanish-styled cruise will definitely make each of its passengers feel like sea dogsr.

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