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Osaka Bay Tempozan Ferris Wheel

Enjoy the view from the largest ferris wheel in Kansai

Summer time is about to end, the heat replaced with a fresh breeze and crisp air. That afternoon, I arrived in Tempozan. Located on the sea side of Osaka, this area has several attractions, such as a theme park, observatories, museums, and shopping centres. Tempozan is also an important port in Japan, for its domestic and international shipments.

My own reason to visit Tempozan, is to experience the famous Ferris Wheel, which used to be the tallest ferris wheel in Japan. We could see the view of Osaka's skyscrapers from the wheel, as well as the surrounding bayside area. The fee to enter this ride is 700 yen, and it operates from 1000 AM to 1000 PM. One ride will take around 17 minutes. This Ferris Wheel is located in Tempozan Harbor Village, and it was first opened for public on 12 July 1997.

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