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Spa World

Quickly becoming a popular tourist draw, Spa World is located in Shinsekai. No one can ever say Osakans aren't innovative in creating this over-the-top super sento!

Kurama Onsen

Set in an idyllic, mountainous environment, Kurama Onsen is certified by Kyoto City Health and Hygiene Research Center to contain natural minerals that have health and beauty benefits.

Awara Geigi at Fukui Awara Onsen

Travelers coming from the Kyoto-Osaka-Kobe area enter into the Awara Onsen ryokan and pass through a room with a view of the beautiful garden. The hot springs of Yaora have wonderful spring quality water for bathing.

Kohyama Onsen and Spa Resort

Kohyama Resort is located 10 mins from Matsubase Interchange. There are special rooms, private and public baths, spas and restaurants decorated in a South East Asian style. The spring water is good for relieving fatigue and the digestive organs and you will feel lighter after taking a bath here.