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On Yoronjima, Kagoshima a year ago
Yes, you can island hop from Kagoshima through the Amami islands to Yoron.
On Lafcadio Hearn Museum, Matsue City a year ago
It's really cool that his museum looks like a traditional Japanese building, the kind he would have loved, instead of a Western building.
On Matsudo Jinja Shrine a year ago
I lived here for a year, and I never knew this was a Yamatotakeru shrine. I wonder how many Japanese people know it :)
On Yasukuni Shrine; Commemoration Day a year ago
Interesting photos. Even Japanese supporters of Yasukuni sometimes find these protesters and cosplayers a little embarrassing. If you go in...
On Sengakuji Temple, Shinagawa a year ago
This is one of my favorite "traditional Japan" places in Tokyo. It has a great story behind it and it's totally untouched by modern tourism.