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On Yoronjima, Kagoshima 11 months ago
Yes, you can island hop from Kagoshima through the Amami islands to Yoron.
On Lafcadio Hearn Museum, Matsue City 11 months ago
It's really cool that his museum looks like a traditional Japanese building, the kind he would have loved, instead of a Western building.
On Matsudo Jinja Shrine 11 months ago
I lived here for a year, and I never knew this was a Yamatotakeru shrine. I wonder how many Japanese people know it :)
On Yasukuni Shrine; Commemoration Day 11 months ago
Interesting photos. Even Japanese supporters of Yasukuni sometimes find these protesters and cosplayers a little embarrassing. If you go in...
On Sengakuji Temple, Shinagawa 11 months ago
This is one of my favorite "traditional Japan" places in Tokyo. It has a great story behind it and it's totally untouched by modern tourism.