Hotel Wellness Asukaji

Hotel Wellness Asukaji

Hotel Wellness Asukaji is a typical Japanese BBB (Bed, Bath and Breakfast). This conveniently located hotel just off of Nara Park..

Midnight In Gion

Midnight In Gion

If Woody Allen made a rendition of Midnight In Kyoto, no doubt it would be set against Gion’s alley ways. While the shadows of..

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Jazz Spot Yamatoya 7

Jazz Spot Yamatoya

Like a page out of a Murakami novel, Kyoto’s Jazz Spot Yamatoya serves up late nights, smoke and whiskey over smooth jazz. Wit..

Osaka From Above

Osaka From Above's videographer Connie Ng takes a fresh look at Osaka from 173 meters above ground on a clear day. 

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